What Color is Your Stress?
Learn to Relax!  Turn your Stress Biofeedback Card Blue!

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The Stress Biofeedback Card measures tension by responding to the temperature of your fingertips. It is based on the physiological principle that threatening or stressful situations cause the blood to surge inward to the vital organs resulting in cold hands and feet, and a red or black on the stress card.

Are you ready?  Its as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Use your Stress Biofeedback Card to get your baseline stress level.

2. Listen to the Deep Audio Relaxation Program by clicking one of the links:

Deep Relaxation Audio Program

We all need a way to relax, to unwind. Our health depends on it. So does our productivity and our effectiveness. And perhaps our life! This Deep Relaxation Program was developed by the California State Department of Health and is brought to you by Best of Health Online.

Relaxation Audio Program - 6 Minutes
Real Player   Windows Media

Relaxation Audio Program - 20 Minutes
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Does this Relaxation Program really decrease tension? 
Normal things to expect as your practice relaxation.

3. Use the Stress Biofeedback Card to test for change in your stress level.

Need a Stress Biofeedback Card?

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The purpose of the Personal Stress Profile is simply
to encourage you to reflect on your behavior , lifestyle habits,
attitude and related factors that play a role
in determining your overall effectiveness
in dealing with difficult and stressful situations

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